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Top 10 killer way to write unique content

How to write unique content

Now a days we are facing this problem regularly .Unique content! Unique content! Unique content!but no one will guide you how to make it unique . I have shorted 10 tricks to write something unique and one extra which is “Reverse Engineering” .When ever we start writing we are facing shortage of keywords. If we just look at our competitors post than we can get a perfect solution .They have already used a lot of profitable keywords so we can use this. First we can list this keywords in a excel sheet with search volume, CTR, Category ,area,competition

Then pick the best one and write something on it.Its simple.

Want to learn how to write unique content? Then you are in perfect place. By this article, I am sharing the top 10 effective way to write content from my experience.

When you want to write content the first thing you have to consider is for which platform you are willing to write.
As example: you want to know how to write an article for a newspaper or how to write an article for a blog
Secondly, you have to generate the content idea. Such as: what can I write, ideas of content writing, topics for content writing

Thirdly, read more and more about your topic including comments and FAQs.

Four, keep you up-to-date by joining topics related groups and communities.

Fifth, somehow write an article for your platform

Six, add images

Seven, maintain content writing SEO terms

Eight, check copy write issue

Nine, Give final touch to your article

Ten keep it up-to-date. Change the verified information as per topics current position.

No matter you are looking for content writing tips for beginners or how to do content writing for websites

Or how to become a web content writer or how to write an article for a magazine, this article is for you.

       Consider which platform you are willing to write

1.Content and its layout on the different platform is never same. It varies from platform to platform. If you want to write for a magazine or newspaper your writing has to be more cinematic, if you want to write for your blog you have to be more informative, if you want to write for your website your content have to be both more informative and attractive. So before you start writing consider your platform and define the content type and layout based on your platform

Generating the content idea

2.Now you have selected where to write. Now define what to write. You may select a category, sub-category or a specific topic. No matter you are writing for a particular niche site or magazine, it will be always helpful to gather information about the specific topic and make you up-to-date.

Reading more and more about your topic including comments and FAQs

3.If you want to write you must have knowledge regarding your niche. And you can gather knowledge by reading more and more, it can be books, it can be articles, it can be comments and FAQs. In fact to write something you have to be determined enough to gather knowledge from everything around you.

Joining niche related groups and communities

4.Now in modern days only reading doesn’t help you enough to get your desired information in a limited time. So, if you want to gather more and specific information in a short time, joining groups and communities will help you. And if any new information related to your niche released you can get the update from here.

Somehow write an article for your platform

5. Now you have enough knowledge to write related to your niche. So, you can write about it. For example if I consider that after having enough knowledge you are unable to write then just write for writing , just express your current knowledge in words. Explain it in three parts, such as introduction, description and conclusions. It can be varying based on your platform and topic.

Add images

6.Adding images will increase your post outlook, make it easier to read and think about your topic relatively in correct position. It will increase the value of your posts. So add images to your articles.

Maintaining SEO terms

7. If your content is web based then SEO is must. It includes Title size, heading tags, Image optimization, Keyword Density, Site outlook maintenance and many more. So get it done, your article will always be desired to search engines.

 Check copy write issue

8.Copy write issue means the content you have written is copied or not. May be you haven’t copied from others but sometimes what you have written gets similar to others. If you want to write a unique content then copy write content will break your policy.

Giving final touch to your article

9.After checking copy write issue now it’s time to give the final touch to your content. Check the requirements that you need and try to fulfill it. Check it again and again. It will fulfill your requirements and increase your quality.

Keep your content up-to-date according to the recently verified information

10.It will keep your content alive. Usually as time goes on your content and its validity gets washed by time. So to keep this valid for your life you need to edit and upgrade it with time.

According to my experience, those are the top 10 ways that I can say to you as the answer to your how to write an unique content question. If you have other strategy let me know by commenting.

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