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Where to put Analytics tracking code?

Basic theory is: have to find out the Theme/Template file of that CMS, and then have to EDIT the Head/Body section of

That template to insert the Analytics Tracking Code

Different CMS has different theme/template system. So, have to analyze the system and find out the template files.


For php

Custom functions.php.


How to Add Google Analytics Code Using PHP Implementation?


For WordPress

C Panel>public.html>Wp-includes>theme-compat>header.php

dashboard>apperence>header.php>meta name

or Youst SEO plugin.



For Magento

My site: https://ozmobilephonerepair.com.au/

Google Webmaster Tools and Magento

System > Configuration > Design > HTML > Miscellaneous Scripts

How to upload Google Webmaster code in Magento




How to Verify Your Website on Webmaster tools Using HTML File Upload

Integrating google analytics with php : GA Website Tracking Code


For joomla

Adding Google Analytics Code to Joomla 3

Extention >templet manager>templets>INDEX.PHP>PASTE IT BEFORE </HEAD>


For Drupal

Drupal 7 Site Verification Module

Modules > site VARIFICATION module > turn it on> add varification >varify

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