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The Unknown Facts of SEO

Everyone Knows that what is SEO , How to rank on google …So now lets talk abut some unknown facts like how to index quickly and rank super fast , Most easiest and common facts are describe bellow.

Google bot is very fond of HTML5 because its organize according to the site structure, header, footer, side bar, comment section. So, google bot is come and pick it properly.

As google bot is very experienced so it counts as the meta tag title, and post title as H1, H2 Tag.

Only 5% of website google bot move frequently. 20% is active, there are number of website google bot does not go.

Google bot searches for new links and looking for robots.txt, “Allow all page”

So Robot.txt is very important. Delay can be used to come after some time.That will convey the robot come after sometime.

Uses of keyword is important, listing the important word as the keyword. Google rank the website base on the keyword prominence and the accuracy of Word density.

Then of page –website authority according to google algorithm count the value from a website, Good PR, Link profile Social engagement, Find the keyword from the other social site and get the keyword rank. It takes less than 1 second.

Ranking process depend on country, state, area.

Google dancing can be also happened.

Google algorithm effect on rank.

Google bot just take the information and send it to data base.

Canonical issue: Its frequently happen on eCommerce site.it provides a lot of duplicate page .You can redirect with 301.That case we can use canonical tag. Add all sort of version with webmaster tool, HTTPs’, WWW. With your domain name .

Link Difference 

Nofollow : Google doesn’t count those link

Noindex : Google doesn’t index.

Noindexfollow : Google doesn’t index but  count the link.

Noindexnofollow : Google doesn’t  count as well as doesn’t  index.

Using plugin can be harmful

Google does not count each and every link because google doesn’t love everybody in a same way.

Robot text user agent you can use in filtering.Whom you want to visit whom not.

Site map : XML is a file format or language, like Html, XML file can make a site map. if you won’t make a site map google will not find the way to crawl. Google will index randomly.

Site map error : If google can’t crawl properly then it shows you the site map error.

Site map Priority….Its mainly based on home page 1st  post.That mean google will fetch your content base on this priority (0.1-1.0). It will help to re indexing your content.

Post is very fast at indexing and update able. It always keep you site updated.

Add all sort of version with webmaster tool, HTTPs’, www.

Broken link or 301 error. Excessive amount of broken link can be negative for a website.

There is no specific value in meta description on google.

It helps to increase the CTR(Click Through Rate). Indirectly it helps to boost your ranking

When google comes to your site and don’t get updated content than if it will not come to your site frequently . So content update is a great strategy


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